dimanche 7 février 2016


HOUDA OUDOUCHE, teaching assistant at the Department of Human Sciences, University of Ferrara. I obtained my PhD from University of Ferrara (Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici e Sociali), labelled with “Doctor Europaeus”. I completed my Master’s through Erasmus Mundus in Quaternary and Prehistory (IPH-France, UNIFE-Italy, URV-Spain, IPT and UTAD-Portugal), the first degree in Archaeology and Heritage Sciences (INSAP-Rabat, Morocco) and Baccalaureate in experimental sciences (Temara, Morocco).

I co-authored a research article and had an opportunity to present orally at both national and international conferences, and also participated in various courses and workshops specialized in Prehistory. I have visited and excavated various Prehistoric sites covering Morocco, Spain, France and  Italy). This enabled me to garner skills of collecting and analysing primary excavation data and provided hands-on experience on excavation and post-excavation techniques. The pragmatic field experiences has further extended my ability to work as a team.   
Furthermore, I have actively contributed in the realization of a monograph covering the prehistory of Temara area, in Morocco-French research program. In addition I am trained in Museology and restoration of historical monuments, Autocad and QGIS programs.
I started this blog to promote the prehistory of Morroco and to supplement student’s knowledge and skills in better understanding of Moroccon prehistory. I strongly welcome all interested to join hand in support to promote Morocco in the field of Archeology and Prehistory. We together can make this blog the best thing since sliced bread !!!
I am reachable at : oudouche.houda@gmail.com

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